When Will They Start Working For Us? Congress That Is.

A friend of mine has Prostate cancer and he looked at all of his treatment options. After reviewing all of his options he decided on proton therapy at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Prior to the therapy MD Anderson Cancer Center checked his insurance, and according to my friend, MD Anderson Cancer Center told him if Medicare would cover the treatments his secondary insurance would cover it. After 20 plus treatments his secondary insurance refused to pay and he his having to appeal that decision even though Medicare is paying their share.

Then we have 90 20mg Crestor tablets that cost $494.08 in the USA when we can by 90 20mg Generic Crestor tablets for $127.80 in Canada. Why is  this?

I get the feeling when we are sick, with cancer, the insurance companies don't want to pay and if we need medication big PHARMA wants to rob us.

When will members of Congress stop lollygagging in the Sea of Galilee and giving us advice on legitimate rape and start working for us?

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