When Did America Come To Revile Europe?

Well, okay there was that right-wing flare up over "Freedom fries". But lately I keep hearing Republicans talking about how Barry is trying to turn the U.S. into a "European country". WTF? I don't think anybody in Europe has had to declare bankruptcy because of hospital & doctor bills. Nor do people in Europe suffer, or die, because they know they can't afford to go to the hospital. Gun deaths? Much lower in Europe. Fuel economy? Much higher. Fighting never-ending wars? Not Europe. Northern Europeans are 10% more likely to graduate from high school than Americans and lead America in math and science. Europeans have a generally lower rate of adolescent STDs. Divorce rates are lower in Europe. Culture? The Louvre, the Berlin Philharmonic, Shakespeare, and let's not forget the Beatles.

The French navy saved our ass during the Revolution. European allies (with some arm-twising) became meaningful members in Shrub's "coalition of the willing".

We sure as hell though Europe was worth saving in WWII.

So why the do the Republicans seem to have a wild hair about "Europe"?


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