What If? Now Is The Time To Send The Kentucky Democratic Party A Message. Vote For Barack Obama.

Most of Kentucky's Democratic elected officials are hiding from the 2012 Presidential election and when it comes to supporting President Barack Obama they are missing in action. This isn't a fight they want to fight. So it's up to us and I believe this is the perfect time to send our ball less and clueless Kentucky Democratic elected officials a message and the message is this: Vote for Barack Obama!

What If, in spite of the Kentucky Democratic Party, we show up at the polls and Barack Obama carries Kentucky? This can be our time and expose the Kentucky Democratic Party for what it is, "all grass and no roots." It will take a grass roots effort for Barack Obama to win in Kentucky, but if we can do this it will make the history books. Let's not let this chance slide by without a fight. It's a fight I want to be in (fighting the Kentucky Democratic Party and the Kentucky Republican Party). How about you?

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