What Has Chris Christie Accomplished?

I can't think of any solid initiative or law that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has produced or supported that has had a generally positive outcome for the majority of New Jerseyans.  Isn't that what governing is about?

When Christie first came into office it was the cap law that he and his buddy Corey Booker ran around the state endorsing.  It became law but taxes continue to rise faster than 2 percent.  I attribute this to the many exemptions in the law and the fact that Christie has issued many waivers to republican leaning municipalities.

The pension & benefit laws are another feather I suppose Christie would put in his cap.  This law effects mostly police and fire because of the higher salaries.  The law has had the effect of freezing or lowering salaries due to the mandated healthcare contribution amounts.  I suppose this could be viewed as a victory but I view it more as an ideological victory as the desired effect was to drive down salaries and reduce medical benefits.  The law also divided the democratic party and gave Christie the ability to brag about his ability to be bipartisan.  This alone may be his single biggest political victory, but has the law produced a positive outcome for the majority of New Jerseyans?

Super-storm Sandy is the another issue I sometimes hear Christie receive praise for. During the crisis he certainly gave the appearance of being out in front of it with his bravado filled pressers but the reality is that recovery phase has left many still waiting for assistance and to say there is controversy surrounding Mary Jo's relief fund maybe an understatement.

Christie is certainly popular.  For what I don't know.  He is a rock star without a song.  He apparently has carte blanche to go on any news or late night program he chooses to bolster his own persona, ignore the issues important to New Jersey, and position himself to be a candidate for POTUS.

If not for the rock star persona he would be easily beatable.  The economy is still poor.  Crime is worse.  Foreclosures are still prevalent.  Sandy victims are still suffering.  All this while he stands in the way of gay marriage, medical marijuana, women's health, healthcare exchanges, and a new Hudson River crossing.

Have I missed something?  Is there a credible issue that has improved the lives of New Jerseyans?

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