WFP to vote on Esty tomorrow

I was going to post on this but CT Capitol Watch beat me to the punch.

Working Families Party Executive Director Lindsay Farrell says she expects her party's state committee to vote on whether to change its endorsement for the 5th Congressional District seat at a meeting Thursday.

Farrell confirmed that nearly 20 members of the Working Families Party met with 5th District candidate Elizabeth Esty, of Cheshire, Wednesday morning. Esty's campaign declined to comment on the meeting.

Farrell also said she spoke with state House Speaker Christopher Donovan, of Meriden, following the party's meeting with Esty. The Working Families Party is currently endorsing state  Donovan for the 5th District seat.

Given Esty's disdain for working families and progressive causes, unless she took a cue from Kristen Gillibrand, made a deal not to be an reincarnation of Joe Lieberman if elected to Congress, hopefully WFP will give the one time State Rep. (with enough baggage to fill a closet) an unanimous and emphatic thumbs down.  

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