Wendy Davis Introduces Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Bill

While one of Texas' US Senators spent his time living in the past and fighting a bill that is already law, Senator Wendy Davis was out working to improve the future landscape for Texans.

On Tuesday, Wendy Davis spoke to a group of health care providers and industry leaders on her bill to reduce the enormous backlog of untested rape kits in Texas. The Dallas-Forth Worth Hospital Council hosted the event "Rape Kit Responsibility: The Impact of Senate Bill 1191." As previously reported, the Texas Department of Public Safety will receive $11 million to address the almost 23,000 rape kits that are currently waiting to be tested across the state.

The bill also requires nearly all hospitals with emergency room services have trained medical personnel available to properly collect DNA and other vital evidence from victims of sexual assault. Thanks to Davis' bill, that became effective at the beginning of this month. Individuals who are sexually assaulted will avoid being forced to travel to other facilities hours away due to lack of trained medical staff. It will also allow investigators to work with nearby hospitals to make sure evidence is collected immediately after a crime is committed.

Sen. Davis stated in a press release:

This is about identifying, tracking down, prosecuting and imprisoning sexual predators through smart law enforcement work...Assisting the effort to bring sexual predators to justice is just common sense.


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