Welcome to Kentucky, The State Of Bankruptcy.

Insider Louisville

Insider Louisville: Ever feel like the guy who’s screaming, “The house is on fire!” when everyone else is saying, “Yeah, but it’s so nice and warm inside right now.” Do you ever point to (the recent New York Times) story and say, “See?”

Chris Tobe: Oh, I’ve been emailing with Mary (New York Times reporter Mary Williams Walsh) for the last month. I’ve run her through the pension stuff. She didn’t quote me in the story … but I’m starting to talk now I’m off the board.

Insider Louisville: Why do you think this isn’t get any traction?

Chris Tobe: Because darlings of the Courier and Herald-Leader – Crit Luallen and Jack Conway – don’t want it to.

Insider Louisville: Where is the (former) auditor? Where is the attorney general?

Chris Tobe: They’re part of the problem. Read more.


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