New Jersey Credit Rating Downgraded for 2nd Time This Week, Record 8th Time on Christie's Watch

Hey, it's a swanky party Bill Palatucci's throwing Chris Christie and Mitt Romney tonight. Big doings at the East Brunswick Hilton. White folks with checkbooks forking over $150 to get in the door or $5,000 to snuggle up close to special guest Mitt Romney and Governor Wannabe President.

What do you think they'll chat about in their 20 seconds while the photog snaps their souvenir pic?

Bridgegate? .....Uh, no. Awkward.
Atlantic City? ..... No. He does not want to talk about it.
Christie's #2, the LG? ..... Is she even invited?
Christie chief of staff Regina Egea? ..... Nope. She's got bigger worries.
New discoveries in Science? ..... WHOA. Hard pass.  

Nah. I've got the perfect thing for Chris, Mitt and their guests can chortle over at tonight's GOP-fest: Today, Wall Street downgraded New Jersey's credit rating, a record 8th time.

Five days ago, Christie hit the kind of record that does not presidents make. Washington Post had it: New Jersey's credit rating has been downgraded more under Chris Christie than any other governor. And that was just the seventh time. 

But both Fitch and Standard & Poor's cited the same kind of issues for their lack of confidence in Jersey's direction under Christie: cutting the states pension payments to make up for Christie's rosy revenue forecasts that never came true.

Just picture it. Christie's people and Romney's gathering for a swell party in East Brunswick. Are they concerned about what Christie's incompetent management of New Jersey's economy means for all of us?

Nope. We already know what Mitt 47% Romney thinks of Americans. Many — not all — of the people who cling to people like Christie and Romney are those who imagine their own success is a product of their own glory, these exceptional beings that drift together tonight. No matter that it happens after a day of student turmoil in Newark or as Atlantic City's problems deepen with no ideas so far from the Governor.

Oh well, lah-de-dah, lah-de dah. I'm sure Christie and Mitt will have a lot of laughs tonight. Mitt can tell Christie what it's like to not get to the White House.  

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