Republicans Call for More Guns in Schools in Wake of TX Shooting

An argument between two people in a north Houston college on Tuesday led to a shooting involving at least five gunshots, injuring both individuals, as well as a janitor unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire. Both men are now in custody after police searched for one of the suspects in a wooded area behind the school.

But according to KTRK, top GOP lawmakers in the state - including Governor Rick Perry and Rep. Tim Poe - are using Tuesday's shooting, the 49th school shooting since Columbine in 1999, as a rallying cry to allow more weapons on campus:

"Governor Perry said this afternoon his thoughts and prayers are with all the victims, but that anyone licensed and who has training on how to carry a weapon should be able to carry that weapon anywhere within the state and [that he would] indeed review the bill that’s been filed quickly," said KTRK reporter 's Ted Oberg

"It brings to focus the fact that many schools and universities and students have — are defenseless at the schools and places of higher education and this seems to show that," Rep. Poe told Olberg.

Watch the video, courtsey of Think Progress:

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