The Neo-Colonial Dynamic: Walmart's Destructive Gaming of the System (Opinion)

It used be Molasses to Rum to Slaves and so on and so forth back in Colonial American days of old, but today we see a new version of a horrid classic.

On my way to work this morning, I happened upon a truck turning onto the street I was driving upon and I gazed upon its decals and noted the following:

It was a Greater Reading Foodbank truck, emblazoned with Sam's Club and Walmart emblems as well.

The sign of this truck stirred in me a great pain of deep, sickening irony and anger, for it was plain as day to me what is afoot among our community here and likely elsewhere.  The feifdoms and feudal times of old and the colonial era of slave trade and goods for bodies and cheap labor is upon us once more, but in a more sophisticated and condoned manner.  

You see, Walmart and Sam's Club love to pay their people low wages, so low that they can't possibly afford to sustain themselves and their families on them, so they end up on programs like food stamps and using local food pantries to supplement their food to survive on which Sam's Club and Walmart are all too happy to donate to the local bank that supplies these pantries.

In turn, for their substandard wages and subsistence way of making people live, while affording them little, if any healthcare or job security, with intolerable work conditions, to atone and make their grievous sins somehow mollified in their minds, Sam's Club and Walmart donate foodstuffs and such.  Of course, all of these acts of largess come at the price of a tax write-off for the donation, so they get to not pay taxes on the wages they don't pay and on the food they donate to keep their slavish labor and the slavish labor of others like them from starving, but not good enough to actually earn and keep a living for them and their families.

Meanwhile, firms like Sam's Club and Walmart belong to a group called the American Legislative Exchange Council that pains itself on trying to squeeze even more out of the poor and bring about more poverty while decrying the effect of said poverty upon the wealth tax-payers who don't pay a measly dime half the time because they are too busy writing down losses, hiding profits, and taking big chunks of public money to provide jack-squat products and services in return, while still complaining they can't hire or keep people or raise wages, but oh, they can somehow do a little jig and convince you that they have to raise prices again, while passing near none of that onto their workers.  

Are you sick, do you taste the harsh irony as I have, do you see the pathetic, and absurd and cruel jokes for what they are...I sure as hell hope so, because we must work together to put a final stop to this at any and all cost.  To allow this type of conduct to continue will totally ruin our nation and leave us all for want of survival and nothing to show for our hard work but a big fat zero!  

Welcome to the neo-colonial period of American history...King Greed I is on the throne of Wall Street and it is time to dump his TEA into the harbor and east river permanently!

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