Wage Theft Was the Case that They Gave Me: Snoop Dogg Sued by Bodyguards

Three former bodyguards of Snoop Dogg are suing for $3 million in back wages claiming they were overworked and underpaid during their time protecting the rapper.  The plaintiffs — Torrey Mitchell, Donnel Murray and Ryan Turk — allege that they were fired in early 2014 after bringing their complaints to the esteemed performer.

In addition to their security duties, the plaintiffs say they ran errands for Snoop Dogg and his family and transported the rapper to “recording studios, clubs, concerts, red carpet affairs, and his separate apartment used for entertaining his many female acquaintances.”

If Snoop Dogg was touring, Mitchell, Murray and Turk would get by on less than three hours of sleep at a time, according to the 17-page complaint. The defendants did not keep records of the hours the bodyguards worked, according to the complaint. Instead, Snoop paid the plaintiffs $300 a day while on tour, and at other times $25 per hour plus an overtime rate of $37.50 per hour after 12 straight hours of work, they claim. Under state law, workers should be paid overtime after eight hours of work. “Defendants did not pay plaintiffs double time at any point during plaintiff’s’ employment,” the lawsuit states. The bodyguards claim they were also deprived of morning, lunch and afternoon breaks.

Marcus Lee, the lawyer handling the case, says that the plaintiffs termination from their positions was retaliatory in nature.  According to the lawsuit:

“In January of 2014, after innumerable complaints made to Al Gittens, Snoop Dogg, and the remaining defendants regarding unpaid overtime and numerous labor code violations, defendants summarily terminated all plaintiffs’ employment.”

Surely Snoop can afford to compensate his staff properly. His latest release, a feature on international video star Psy’s new single, “Hangover,” has accrued more than 45 million views in its first four days online.

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