MN Voter ID Amendment Head: Voter Fraud Was Partly Responsible For Defeat

In the wake of the defeat of the Voter Restriction Amendment, Minnesota Majority's Dan McGrath has been doing some soul-searching. Yesterday, he posted a lengthy apology at True North to share some of his conclusions:

As the chairman of, I can tell you that none felt the loss on Voter ID more keenly than myself on November 6th. After working on Minnesota's election integrity issues nearly to the exclusion of all else for the last 5 years, seeing the culmination of that effort burn up on Election Day was a devastating blow which led me to question whether I was competent to carry on the fight.

At that, McGrath stopped his soul-searching, concluding that of course he's competent, it's just that Minnesotans are liars and cheats. After paragraphs and paragraphs railing against his opponents' lies, he suggests that voter fraud also played a role:

Ultimately, money was the principle factor in the defeat of the Voter ID amendment. Initial post-election research now being conducted by Minnesota Majority indicates that voter fraud likely played a role, but voter fraud is only effective in a close election. It shouldn't have even been close.

The vote was so close. So close. If Mr. McGrath had only had a little more money, he could have opened up a large enough lead to overcome the 177,000+ fraudulent votes that led to the amendment's defeat.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. McGrath has been seeing the Voter Fraud boogieman everywhere for years; it's only natural that he should see his amendment's defeat as further vindication of his paranoia. And I suppose there's just as much evidence behind this charge as any of his previous allegations.

McGrath and his compatriots will probably continue to make the circular argument that voter ID lost because of fraud, but they can't prove it without voter ID. But judging from the election results, which were not close, nobody buys the argument.

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