Longer Lines, More Disenfranchisement: NC Ups Its Oppressive Voter ID Ante

North Carolina moved closer to passing a massive 56-page vote suppression law Here is the latest version of the bill. You see, photo ID isn't the half of it. This vast 56-page bill is geared toward keeping Democrats from ever winning again.

Here's what the News and Observer says about the effort: 

Voting statistics in North Carolina show Democrats are more likely to vote early and vote straight ticket, two of the practices targeted by the bill. A state study also estimated more than 300,000 registered voters lack driver's licenses or other forms of state-issued ID, most of them elderly or low-income minorities. A Democratic amendment to add student ID cards from universities and community colleges was rebuffed.

So far, this is what is included (more to come when the final bill is passed):

*Allows vigilante groups - whether the GOP, True the Vote, or vengeful individuals - to challenge any voter from voting. Anyone who resides within one's county may challenge a voter's right to vote at the polls.

*Expands the scope of when voters may be challenged and purged.

*Purges voters more frequently (at least twice a year).

*Cuts number of early voting days from 17 to 10, while keeping number of total hours the same.

*Changes rules for special elections.

*Ends same-day registration.

*Eliminates language assuring the voter can verify their vote before casting it (voters were previously able to print a complete ballot from a voting machine and check it before putting it in the vote counting machine).

*Another provision on P 42 appears to eliminate paper ballots altogether, thus eliminating a paper trail.

*Eliminates straight ticket voting. When there are many races including federal, state and local candidates, voters can save time by voting for all state races by marking one box. More Democrats than Republicans vote straight ticket.  

*Raises to $5,000 the amount candidates can solicit from voters per individual per candidate, but essentially allow any amount of donation.

*Eliminates limits on corporate donations to candidates.

*Repeals the requirement for candidates to stand by their ads.

*Allows attack ads without mandating that the attacking organization identify itself.

*Forbids polls from staying open longer for unusual circumstances. Voters can vote if they are already in line when polls close.

*Eliminates pre-registration of 16 and 17 year olds.

*Requires photo ID

*Bans student IDs from state colleges or private universities for identification. Also bans local government Ids.

*Eliminates provisional ballots.

*Eliminates instant runoffs for judicial races.

*Eliminates public funding of judicial races. Better, I guess, to have judges owned by corporations.

An absolutely astonishing list, breathtaking in scope, and dangerous for democracy.

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