Visit From Sandy: Preparations

Sandy is coming sometime Monday night and everyone and their uncle is out today gathering emergency supplies.  On a FEMA conference call this afternoon federal officials, including the head of FEMA Craig Fugate, said they expect the eastern third of the nation to feel her presence.  Florida is the only eastern state which will miss her.  West Virginia expects up to two feet of snow and we'll see between 5-8 inches of rain.  A cold front moving south from Canada will join the tropical storm and another storm front moving eastward to create what's being called a Frankenstorm.  This one is of our own creation, a result of climate change.

FEMA has moved emergency personnel into Pennsylvania and has supplies stored in New Jersey which expects a ten foot storm surge along its coast.  Winds are expected to hit 60 mph.  The Defense Department has also pre-positioned personnel to assist if needed.

Water and batteries are now scarce commodities.  Get your while you can, the stores are mobbed.

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