Karl Rove Called Out for 'Scaring' People with 'Orwellian' Black Helicopter Talk

On Sunday's This Week With George Stephanopoulos, ABC's Terry Moran calls out Karl Rove for "scaring" people with the "Orwellian sense that black helicopters" are coming to confiscate people's guns. It's time that politicians and the media not let the Roves of the world get away with this garbage, on guns or on any other issue:

MORAN: Karl — stop scaring people, you’re scaring people with this Orwellian sense, that black helicopters and the government are going to confiscate Americans’ guns. That kind of paranoia fuels…

ROVE: Will all due respect, it’s not paranoia.

MORAN: Who is going to confiscate all of the guns?

ROVE: People have a fear of this. Why do it? Why do you need it?

MORAN: The result of this is that all the votes that have been taken since Newtown have weakened gun control.

Watch the video:

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