Brave VA Republican Likens Fight Against Contraception to MLK's Fight Against Segregation

Every time I think Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli can't get any crazier, he goes and does something like compare his struggle against women having access to contraception to Martin Luther King Jr's struggle against racial segregation and oppression.

“Whenever I talk about religious liberty, you know they turn it around. All they talk about -they don’t talk about denying religious liberty. They talk about contraception. And I’m not talking about contraception. Government doesn’t have a role in contraception,” Cuccinelli said on The John Fredericks Show. “Government does have a role in protecting your civil rights especially today on MLK Day. The man who really came up with the American non-violent protest theory of civil disobedience. It’s pretty egregious that they can’t get any higher than contraception when we’re talking about protecting people’s religious liberty.”

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