VIDEO: Biden's Google+ Hangout on Gun Violence

White House Photo/David Lienemann

Thursday afternoon, Vice President Biden sat down with Americans from around the country to talk about proposals to reduce gun violence in a live Google+ Hangout. During the virtual roundtable, participants from all different backgrounds asked the Vice President about topics ranging from an assault weapons ban to the Second Amendment and from mental health checks to making our schools safer.

In case you missed the event live, check out the full video below, and learn more about the plan.

This "Fireside Hangout" was hosted by Google and moderated by Hari Sreenivasan of PBS NewsHour with guests including: Guy Kawasaki, an author and technology expert; Phil DeFranco, a media entrepreneur and host of the Phil Defranco show on YouTube; Theresa Ttillett, a mother and grandmother living in Hartford, Connecticut; and Kimberley Blaine, a blogger and therapist who leads several parenting communities on Google+.

This was the Vice President's first hangout, and the first White House hangout of the second term. 

Source: White House Blog

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