Van Drew's Bill ( S927) Moved by Sweeney with Historic quickness!

The State Senate President made a decision to fully back this Bill and in record time legislation was passed that will enforce independent ,financial oversight of ALL privatization contracts awarded by the Department of Corrections.

Not one Republican voted in favor of the Bill in either house ( Senate 24-16 / Assembly 48-30)

Tens of millions of dollars in contracts will now be  "officially" reviewed by the State Auditor in an unbiased manner that will guarantee that taxpayers are paying for the services that are contained in the contracts.

This will also put the Halfway House system on notice.INDEPENDENT REVIEW IS ON THE WAY!!If they have nothing to fear than this will be a good thing. If they are not providing the proper services than they will be exposed and their contracts will be pulled.

Thanks of course go to the State Senator Jeff van Drew and his legislative partner in District 1 Matt Milam for sponsoring the Bill.

Special thanks to the  shepherd of the Bill , Senate President Sweeney.


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