Using an ambitious agenda to "rebrand" the DFL

A few days ago, I wrote about how the DFL can use an ambitious agenda to run on in 2014. That's just the beginning, though; a far-reaching agenda could actually benefit the DFL for decades. If the DFL develops and implements an agenda that truly embodies the party's values, Minnesotans will look back at the upcoming session for years and say "that's what the DFL stands for."

For a decade now, DFLers have grudgingly voted for policies like school shifts and cuts to healthcare, all the while trying to explain that these policies by uncooperative Republicans. The GOP, for their part, has never missed an opportunity to point our that DFLers either voted for or signed the very bills they complain about. Now, we finally have an opportunity to prove that we're serious about honest budgeting and better funding for things like healthcare and local government aid.

Similarly, the DFL has long pushed for tax reforms that make our system more progressive, while reducing local reliance on property taxes. Unfortunately, we haven't had any willing partners. Now we don't need them, and we're free to create a fairer, simpler tax system on our own.

There are many more examples I could give, but what it all comes down to is that now's the time to walk the walk. We have the power to actually reshape government in Minnesota, instead of just talking about it. As we do that, we'll also reshape the public's perception of the DFL.

For at least two years, the DFL controls our own destiny. That means we will own our policies completely. It's at times like this that voters can really see what a party stands for. With careful planning and strategy, the upcoming session can define the DFL and its values for a generation.  

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