Never Enough: United Airlines' Billion-Dollar Quarterly Profit Naturally Spells Doom for Hundreds of Workers

In order to “keep their costs competitive,” United Airlines will lay off 100 workers at Port Columbus on October 1st.  The move comes despite the company posting a profit of $919 million in the second quarter, a 51 percent increase from the second quarter last year.  The union workers will be replaced by workers hired by an outside vendor.  United will also outsource similar jobs at the Buffalo, Detroit, and Charlotte airports.  

Ira Levy of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers told the Columbus Dispatch that these union workers earn between $12 and $15 an hour.  Their replacements, hired by vendor Airport Terminal Services, are likely to earn roughly $8.25 according to Levy:

“Our people have good wages and benefits, and United is looking to get the work done cheaply,” he said. The union’s contract with United prevents the airline from making similar cuts at the country’s 30 largest airports.

600-700 workers will be laid off all told, 109 of those workers coming from the Detroit Metro Airport.  United’s decision to outsource the jobs emulates decisions previously made by American, US Airways, and Delta at the Port of Columbus.  Only Southwest Airlines has not outsourced its ramp agents.

In Denver, similar action has been taken. 650 ramp and baggage workers could be laid off after United ended its contract with Sky West.  United officials say that many of the current positions will be outsourced to Simplicity USA.  In a statement following the announcement, United spokesperson Luke Punzenberger’s waxed predictable:

“This change will allow us to run a more competitive operation. We are also pleased to bring in house baggage transfer positions for United Express flights at DIA.”

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