CA Allows Undocumented Immigrants to Gain Drivers' Licenses

AB 60, a California bill to provide drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, was presumed to be in a holding pattern for next year. However, at the last minute yesterday, the logjam cleared, and the Legislature sent the bill to the Governor.

The governor, for his part, says that he will sign it. Governor Jerry Brown said this in an email sent to reporters shortly after midnight:

This bill will enable millions of people to get to work safely and legally. Hopefully it will send a message to Washington that immigration reform is long past due.

California will not be the first state to have such a license. Utah has one that says "temporary visitor's drivers license" in big letters on the front.  California will attempt to be somewhat more discreet, but it still must be clearly labeled to comply with federal law.

The bill even got a handful of Republican votes. It seems a few GOP legislators understand that the risks of inaction were higher than the risks of action. State Senator Anthony Canella (R-Ceres) even led a group of Republicans calling on the federal government to take action on immigration reform.

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