Diet Koch: Meet the Missouri Man Who's Spent $30M to Mold the State in His Own Right Wing Image

Good ol' Rex (seated), via his own website.

Rex Sinquefield was raised in St. Louis' Saint Vincent Orphanage and went on to create Dimensional Fund Advisors, which oversees $350 billion in global assets, according to his official bio. (Obviously a very detail-orientated man, the first sentence of Sinquefield's bio reads in part: "now spends his most of his time and resources dedicated to civic and philanthropic causes," emphasis is ours.)

It's the type of rags-to-riches, up-by-his-boot-straps story that makes Republicans smile in their sleep, surrounded by dreams of Ronald Reagan's resurrection and the end of food stamps. Likewise, progressives are right to worry. Since 2007, Sinquefield has invested at least $30 million to mold his home state — one he didn't live in for 40 plus years while he amassed his wealth elsewhere — into an anti-union, anti-public education, tax-free utopia that only ALEC can love. Naturally, Sinquefield is an avid supporter of the American Legislative Exchange Council. Check out what PR Watch said about Sinquefield a few months ago:

Now he claims to know how to "fix" the state. To an astonishing degree, over the last few years, Missouri's political landscape has been dominated by the wish list of just this one man.

Sinquefield is doing to Missouri what the Koch Brothers are doing to the entire country. For the Koch Brothers and Sinquefield, a lot of the action these days is not at the national but at the state level.

By examining what Sinquefield is up to in Missouri, you get a sobering glimpse of how the wealthiest conservatives are conducting a low-profile campaign to destroy civil society.

With the hugely important midterm elections just a couple short weeks away, Sinquefield and his political bullypulpits are hard at work. Households across Missouri received this campaign piece in the mail this week:

Because Kansas is doing so well? Right.

Conservative candidates need your help to make Missouri's Economy strong again. Liberals and special interests are relentlessly trying to make it harder to run a business; they want to raise taxes to fund government, create unnecessary red tape and drive up costs that slow success.* They are counting on low voter turnout to make it happen. It's your civic duty to vote on November 4th.

Go tell it to Kansas.

Yeah, irony of ironies, they refer to the travesty that is SB 509.

And this is particularly rich (pun intended):

....WHAT ARE WE VOTING FOR?: [....] Greater Access to Healthcare....

Is there anyone left on the planet who seriously believes that right wingnut republicans want people to have greater access to healthcare? Any 20-something campaign consultant who shovels this mail is either delusional or a sociopath.

Yes, it's the PAC with the blimp that confuses supporters of legalization:

The Rex Sinquefield funded PAC Grow Missouri's moving billboard at
the University of Central Missouri's Skyhaven Airport near Warrensburg [file photo].

And the money comes from:

How "a broad based coalition" is now defined in Missouri and America (September 12, 2014)




The Grow Missouri PAC's "broad based coalition" consists of $6,045,000.00 from Rex Sinquefield (in blue)
and $22,000.00 (in-kind) from Pelopidas LLC over the fourteen month existence of the PAC.


Welcome to Missouri and America in the 21st century.

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