Tom Bakk not so keen on marriage equality post election

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk seemed to throw cold water on the dream of the Minnesota Legislature passing a marriage equality bill. How craven.

One issue [Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk] is fighting is eliminating a law that bans gay marriage.

"We are getting some calls from some real liberal constituencies on the gay marriage issue and repealing the language in statute," Bakk said.

Such requests were expected given the fact that it has been 22 years since Democrats controlled both chambers of the Legislature and held the governor's office. But Bakk said that Democrats have to balance serving their constituencies and adopting the budget.

"One of the challenges will be just to manage all of those expectations," he said.

Those pressures are coming from outside groups, not his senators, Bakk said. "No, not yet."

"We have to do other things first," he said.

Many expect a report early next month to show the state would face a deficit without adding revenue or cutting programs. How to fix that problem should take priority, Bakk said, not policy issues.

"I am pretty reluctant to get into anything that is of a divisive nature," he said. "There has been enough political rancor around here."

(West Central Tribune)

But don't worry. Minnesotans United for All Families hasn't gone away. The coalition hasn't disbanded. They're reviewing and planning and preparing for the next legislative session.

Unlike the Republicans, a DFL majority in both houses will be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. I'm confident that the DFL legislative leaders can work with Gov. Mark Dayton and pass a budget as well as deal with important issues like marriage equality.

MN United is a huge coalition. I'm sure each part of the coalition will be lobbying the legislators they can influence.

Those DFLers who are too scared to be on the right side of history will be lobbied very hard this coming session.

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