TJ Donovan, smart cookie

TJ may have lost the Democratic primary for Attorney General, but he's being totally smart for the future.

 Did you see his latest mailing? It starts with a nice picture of TJ and his lovely family, like so:

TJ Donovan for Attorney General of Vermont


 And he uses the e-mail to convey a message of support for Bill Sorrell.

Here's what he says:

 Bill Sorrell Needs Our Help

 Dear Jack,

A little over a month ago my campaign to serve as your Attorney General came to a close, but the issues important to my campaign, and which I care deeply about, continue to impact the lives of Vermonters. 

Issues ranging from how we effectively battle our state’s prescription drug epidemic and aid those suffering with mental illness and addiction issues to fighting for equality in the LGBT community and for the rights of migrant workers who labor in our fields.  

The debates Bill Sorrell and I engaged in surrounding these and other issues only reinforces my belief that Vermont needs a Democrat in the office of Attorney General. And in a few short weeks, we will have the opportunity to cast our ballots to ensure this is the case.   

Vermont needs a Democratic attorney general who will fight the Vermont Yankee appeal and use every legal means necessary to ensure Vermonters have a real say in our energy future. 


Vermont needs a Democratic attorney general who will fight for the civil rights of all Vermonters including the fight to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. 
Vermont needs a Democratic attorney general who, as Bill Sorrell has done, will fight to uphold the progressive laws passed by our legislature. 
Bill Sorrell is the Democrat Vermont needs and I fully support his re-election bid. 
Before the polls open on November 6, Bill Sorrell needs our help.  He now faces a Republican millionaire who is self-financing his campaign and is spending tens of thousands of dollars on television ads. 
Bill needs our help. I encourage you to contribute $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can today to help Bill Sorrell continue his fight to make Vermont cleaner, safer and healthier.  
I will never forget your support, your kind words, and all of your work for my campaign and will be equally grateful for the support you will lend to Attorney General Bill Sorrell.
All the best, 
TJ Donovan 
I think this is a great message.
First off, he's absolutely right. It's important to Vermont to keep a Democratic Attorney general who will fight for the issues that Democrats across the state have been working and fighting for for years.
Second, since Jack McMullen has been trying to poach some of TJ's primary campaign issues, this message makes clear that Jack McMullen is no TJ Donovan (aside from the fact that he's not licensed to practice law here in Vermont), and that if you supported TJ and his issues you have no business drifting over to support McMullen in the general election.
Third, TJ knows that his political career isn't over. He'll run again, and everything he's done since the day after the primary has been to make sure the Party knows that he supports the Party, and to keep up his connections with the leaders and activists who will be working on campaigns and making endorsements next time around.
Whether it's AG after Bill Sorrell retires, or some other statewide race, TJ's primary campaign and all the work he's done for the Party and for Bill Sorrell since the campaign ended will pay big dividends him in future elections.
Good going, TJ! 
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