Time For Christie to Stand Up To Senate Republicans

Chris Christie has made a name for himself standing up to Republicans, as US Attorney when he indicted Republican politicians and now as Governor when he praised Barack Obama and recently slapped the House GOP around.

But these are carefully calculated moves, designed to give Christie the greatest political benefit and getting him something he wants. He would scream to the rooftops about tiny things like a delay in his friend winning confirmation to the NJ Supreme Court, then stay silent as his office leaked information on Bob Menendez during an election.

Today we see another example as Christie complains that his nominees for judgeship are being slow-played by Democrats in NJ.

"All we're talking about is giving these guys a fair hearing," he said. "It seems to me it's time for the Senate to do their job."

That could easily be turned around and sent to the Republicans in the US Senate, who are filibustering not only judicial appointments -- Obama has fewer judges confirmed than any president in the first term for more than half a century -- but also nominees to run the National Labor Relations Board and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Why? Not because they oppose the nominees, but because they oppose the boards themselves!

If Christie wants to be taken seriously when he complains about NJ Senate Democrats blocking his nominees then he needs to stand up to the US Senate Republicans doing that and far worse to President Obama's nominees.

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