Three Weeks to Go.

The second Presidential debate, in a townhall style, airs tonight as we enter the final three weeks of election season. The entire battle feels like an eternity in some cases as the Republican primary geared up last year about this time. It featured Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and of course the nominee Mitt Romney. Since then Romney’s conservatism evaporated heading into the first debate two weeks ago. We should not find anything new in this 180 because Romney is famous for his constant shifts on the issues.

On the other hand we have Barack Obama. Over the last 45 months he has accomplished a great deal of good and also continued policies that I believe harm us in the long-term. The idealism that his campaign marketed in 2007 and 2008 evaporated as well. It happened shortly after he took office and refused to acknowledge that Republicans would never ever work with him. Sadly, he kept trying to impress them and give into their demands despite them shifting the goal-line after every maneuver. I often heard people compare him to Charlie Brown and his inability to learn that Lucy would never let him kick the football.

Yet, here we sit. Three weeks out from casting our ballots for people who will decide future policies that will benefit and/or harm us. A few might say that voting does not matter. The two parties are the same. We are doomed no matter what. Well Samuel L. Jackson has a few things to say about that!

The election does matter. Not just the one at the top of the ballot. The races further down impact our daily lives too. The cast of West Wing joined together once again in a video to highlight the importance of down ballot races. It helps that the candidate behind the video has a famous sister (Mary McCormack). But the point of the video stil stands – each race matters on issues of civil rights, taxes, jobs, Social Security, or even your garbage collection.

So, watch the debate tonight, despite the fact that both campaigns are demanding that Candy Crowley not ask follow up questions. But also begin the process of learning about the local elections. Figure out the issues and where the candidates stand. Congress, state senate, state house, county board, judges… all of them. They matter more than you know.

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