They Almost Got Away With It

Bergen Freeholders voted 4 to 2 to GUT the Pay to Play reform enacted just months ago.  Dems David Ganz and Joan Voss and Republicans John Mitchell and John Felice apparently don't like running campaigns on IDEAS rather than ill gotten gains.

Fortunately, Current County Executive Kathleen Donovan, who was County Clerk during the infamous reign of Boss Joe, knows all too well why and exactly how Pay to Play money is bad for democracy.  She is STILL sweeping out the corruption from that era.

Using her pen - she vetoed the desperately conceived plan to resuscitate the Bosses of North Jersey within just one month of the election. This time, the would-be Boss is Republican Yudin who got an assist from Ferriero-crat and shameless coin huckster Freeholder David Ganz who penned the atrocious revised law like some modern political version of Renfield praying for the return of Boss Joe.
According to the Record on October 4, "The Bergen County ordinance limits campaign contributions by people seeking no-bid contracts to $300 per county candidate or $2,500 overall per election cycle. But in the final version of the bill, Ganz eliminated a sentence that had included county political committees such as the Bergen County Republican Organization or the Democratic Committee of New Jersey."

Basically that would have opened the floodgates once again to Party Bosses.

Here is Charlie Stile's article on the veto:

More on the reaction to the Freeholder's vote:

For a refresher - here are the Pay to Play charts I made when Boss Joe was in power.  NJ Pay To Play - County Level

NJ Pay to Play - Municipal Level

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