There she goes again...

Again, it's getting hard to tell the difference...

Here's what Esty had to say about Paul Ryan (via Twitter):

With Paul Ryan on the GOP ticket the stakes couldn't be higher. We must keep #Ct5 blue, protect #Medicare & keep our commitments 2 seniorsElizabeth_Esty via web

Hmm...that's strange seeing that in her one term as State Rep., Esty not only sided with the Republicans and Gov. Rowland-Rell's proposed cuts in funding to Medicaid and services for seniors...

Department of Social Services

The DA Budget includes various reductions originally proposed by the Governor, yet not included within SB 1801. Major items and associated savings by fiscal year include:

Eliminate most adult dental coverage under Medicaid and SAGA

Impose cost sharing (co-payments) under fee for service Medicaid

● Increase HUSKY B premiums for Band 2 to $ 50 for families with one child; $ 75 for those with two children, and $ 100 for families with three or more children

Eliminate coverage of most over the counter (OTC) drugs under Medicaid and SAGA

...but also voted against funding ConnPACE as well as a whole host of programs for seniors.

Hartford Courant, June 26 2009:

The budget restores funding for food vouchers for poor senior citizens, provides nursing-home funding at a time when 11 nursing homes are in foreclosure or bankruptcy, restores funding for the ConnPACE prescription-drug subsidy program, as well as providing money for elderly housing and homelessness services. The Democrats also restored money for teen-pregnancy prevention and an early-intervention program for children at risk, as well as youth service bureaus that help children after school. The measure also restores $6 million in funding in each of two years for family resource centers that Rell had proposed eliminating, as well as providing money for the Children's Trust Fund.

If Esty didn't "protect #Medicare & keep our commitments 2 seniors" in her one term as State Rep, what makes you think she'll "protect #Medicare & keep our commitments 2 seniors" as a member of Congress?

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