Mike McCarthy Joins Green Mountain Daily Blogosphere

I've been a fan of (and occasional contributor to) Green Mountain Daily for years. Where else can Vermont's political left-of-center debate each other until they're blue in the face? The Statehouse cafeteria, you say? True, but it's a bit stuffy in there and it's all too likely that some well-meaning legislator will overdo it and launch some salad dressing from one of the magnum dispensers on your laptop while you blog about it. GMD has been an inviting  place to share perspectives and catch up on the happenings that we Vermonters care about in our towns, our state and our world. The Front Pagers have always seemed like my kind of people.

That's why I was humbled and, to tell the truth, a bit surprised when I got the message that some of my favorite critics, philosophers and political know-it-alls thought I could swing it as a GMD Front Pager. Well Front Page, here I am.

You may remember me blogging as azvox. I'll be leaving that handle behind for the eponymous ID MikeMcCarthy. You may also remember me as a one-term Democratic Representative from Saint Albans who got swept out in the 2014 Red Mini-Wave. I'm also that long-haired guy who ran Cosmic Bakery on Main Street in Saint Albans for six years and is now racing around the state working on community solar.

Although I'm sad to be out of the Statehouse, it has freed me up to spend more time with my daughter, Molly (2.5 going on 16) and my incredible wife, Stephanie. It's also given me the opportunity to take another look at what it means to be a Democrat in a purple place like Franklin County and share some of my thoughts about it with you fine people.

Many thanks to the Front Pagers, especially Sue Prent, for the opportunity to join the crew. You're one of the few groups that occasionally remind me that I'm not as much of a radical as I think I am. I'm looking forward to many conversations, many debates and a constant renewal of my faith that there are others who care about good government in these cynical times.

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