Thank You Dad

As many of you may know this is the first Father's Day of my life that I will spend without my father on this earth. Of all the gifts and blessings I have been afforded in my life, one thing I have learned. The real love of a father is one of the greatest gifts that could ever be given to anyone. This father's day, I would like to thank god for giving me such a caring and loving father.
My dad worked hard and died with little to show for it. Why? Because he spent his life and wealth for the betterment of those he loved. His selflessness was such a far cry from the greed we fight daily in this country it makes me more determined to fight against that greed with all my being.

That is the greatest gift my father gave me. The realization that sometimes some things are more important than yourself. That sacrifice for those you love and for society as a whole is more important than your own selfish desires. That love indeed is the most devine emotion on this earth and that we can indeed be better than others in the way we conduct ourselves.

God bless you dad. You gave me so much and my life will never be the same again. This father's day I just wish I could come see your smiling face once again. I miss you and love you forever.


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