'No Guns Allowed,' Says TX Mall After AR-15 Carrying Man Charged With Disorderly Conduct

Parkdale Mall in Beaumont, Texas is clarifying its ban on all guns in response to an incident where Derrick Poe was charged with disorderly conduct for slinging an AR-15 across his back. The man, who owns a tactical equipment store in the mall, maintains his innocence and is now engaged in organizing an open carry march.

The man's actions will be a setback for open carry advocates including gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott. Concealed handgun license holders are also banned from taking their weapons onto mall property. Many Second Amendment and open carry supporters have also agreed that carrying weapons in such a way that causes a disturbance is counter-productive.

The owner of one company that holds firearms training for CHL holders told 12 News in Beaumont that he didn't agree with Poe's actions but he also disagreed with Parkdale Mall's response saying, "There's 760,000 CHL carriers in the state of Texas. We'll just take our business somewhere else." Parkdale Mall is Beaumont's only mall.

Now Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense is, "calling for CBL properties, the parent company of Parkdale Mall, to immediately revoke Poe's store lease."

Poe violated the mall's code of conduct and should no longer be allowed to maintain a store within Parkdale Mall.  Poe's "exercise" shows a complete lack of judgment and disregard for local citizens, store employees, the mall owner and law enforcement resources. - Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense

The group has also criticized the impending open carry rally saying, "This planned event reveals recklessness and support of behavior that is calculated to threaten regular citizens and American businesses."  One of the organizers of the event, Brian Smith, disagrees. He says that he went door-to-door to shops along the route in order to gauge who would be welcoming and "able to handle our large group of PATRIOTIC AMERICANS!!"

The event is being organized by Golden Triangle Tactical, Freedom 1300 radio and Come And Take It Beaumont. The radio stations website claims, "Beaumont Texas has now been added to the list of cities where law enforcement have confiscated firearms from lawfully carrying citizens."  Ironically, the Beaumont Police Department has agreed to be on hand, "continuing to work with the organizers of this rally to insure a safe and successful event."

Organizers also created a video ad for the event.

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