Texas Judge Switches Sides: 'The Republican Party Left Me'

The Republican party continues to push moderate voters away, but now even its own elected officials are giving up on the fight with the extremists in their ranks. This week, Bexar County Court at Law Judge Carlo Key switched from the Republican party to the Democratic party emphasizing that the, "Republican party has been at war with itself," and that ultimately, "I have not left the Republican party, it left me."

His life experience of being born into poverty and pulling himself up by the bootstraps is a true Texas success story. Republicans love this narrative, but often leave out the details which make it all possible. Judge Key had to start working hard at an early age due to the circumstance of his father's disability, but because of public assistance, and a strong public education, he was able to rise above those natural hardships to become a small business owner and Judge.

Among his reasons for the switch he pointed to the government shutdown led by Congressional Republicans that hurt furloughed workers and their families, and the, "vain attempt to repeal [the Affordable Care Act] a law that would provide healthcare to millions of people throughout our country."

This is bad news for Republicans on a number of fronts. They lose a promising young politician and a prominent Hispanic from their ranks in one felled swoop. It also signals to other moderates that the tide is turning and the time is now.
In case they need more encouragement, Judge Key extended an open invitation, "I can only hope that more people of principle will follow."


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