TX Gov Rick Perry Endorses Bob Beauprez for CO Gov in the Greatest Endorsement of All-Time

9NEWS' Brandon Rittiman breaks the news, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is wading into the Colorado Republican gubernatorial primary! And that means, of course, that the other three candidates are gone. Scott Gessler, Tom Tancredo…and who's the third one again?

You can add another former GOP presidential contender to the list of people endorsing former congressman Bob Beauprez in the race for Colorado Governor.

9NEWS is first to report that Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) gave his endorsement to Beauprez on Tuesday. This comes on the heels of an endorsement by Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee.

"Bob is a man of character, faith and vision," Perry said in a written statement. "Coloradans need a strong leader with the experience and the drive to repair the damage done by its current governor. Bob Beauprez is that leader."

Given that the only state more disliked by the preponderance of Colorado residents than California is Texas, from which so much cultural degeneracy has leached into our great state over the years, we're not sure how good it is for Bob Beauprez to be endorsed in Colorado's gubernatorial primary by the governor of the Lone Star State. Especially when that Texas governor is Gov. Rick Perry, who was so bad on the 2012 campaign trail that it was downright…well, Beauprez-esque. Perhaps we've answered our own question.

With Mitt Romney and now Rick Perry on board, only one question remains: can the star-studded Beauprez freight train be stopped? On June 24th, the epic Both Ways Bob comeback story will be put to the ultimate test! Or at least the next-to-ultimate test. Stay tuned.

We're just trying to keep this entertaining, folks.

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