Magical Thinking: MI GOP Senate Candidate Can't Fathom Tax/Infrastructure Relationship

Terri Lynn Land's column wrote a column today on how to fix roads. She wants to fund road repairs – by cutting taxes.

First, let’s gradually reduce the federal gas tax. Under the current broken system, we are taxed 37 cents per gallon of gasoline—just over 18 cents a gallon from Washington, D.C., and 19 cents a gallon from Lansing. Rates for diesel are even higher.

Over the next several years, we should reduce the federal gas tax to around 4 cents per gallon and allow Michigan to decide how to best fund our infrastructure needs.

When most people say that Terri Lynn Land has turned out to be an awful candidate, they're talking about her ability to run a campaign. When I say that she's a terrible candidate, it's because it is the single most painful campaign I've ever had to watch. It's not the gaffes or her unwillingness to debate, it's just the avalanche of terrible, stupid, unworkable, ignorant things that her campaign says. Like attacking Gary Peters for being rich and then saying that he is beholden over investments of $19,000, her "Really" ad, and now this.

This is just beyond stupid. It's as if she doesn't understand how road repairs get funded or even who has responsibility for repairing what roads, or that the idea that if you cut revenue you don't get more money.

It's also as if she is entirely unaware of the role that our ongoing experiment in the Dunning-Kruger effect has in funding road repairs or how their intransigence on fixing how Michigan funds its own road repairs is really what's causing our roads to fall apart. It's just awful, and they keep doing it because our political press has given up on the job of telling people what ideas will work and which ones are just silly.

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