Tense Confrontation Arises in Milwaukee Police Brutality Protest

Milwaukee police were inching closer and closer to activists who linked arms in the middle of a street and refused to budge. The activists were calling for an end to police brutality. The police were trying to remain calm, but one officer responded by exhibiting the same type of behavior activists were complaining about: pushing the peaceful protesters and refusing to give his badge number when asked.
Sunday's weekly march against police brutality in Milwaukee (organized by Occupy the Hood Milwaukee) was aimed at calling attention to Milwaukee police actions that led to the deaths of two people. Protesters say the deaths are examples of a pattern of Milwaukee police misconduct and abuse of power. Nearly 20 Milwaukee police officers confronted activists at the first intersection where they stopped. The officers marched toward the activists with two jail transport vehicles behind them. Activists held their position for several minutes before continuing the march and no arrests were made. People continued to join the the march as it progressed, ending with more than 100 people in tow.
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