Tell Cargill: Keep Corporate Influence Out of Science

Cargill: Keep Corporate Influence Out of Science!

Cargill: Keep Corporate Influence Out of Science!

Two weeks ago, the mainstream media caught fire with a Stanford study questioning the benefits of organic foods. It turns out the anti-organics study may have the fingerprints of agribusiness giants Cargill and Monsanto. That’s right, Big Ag has been bankrolling Stanford’s Food Security and the Environment (FSE) program. In fact, Cargill donated $5 million to Stanford over a 10 year period. According to Cargill’s own website, the agri-giant has established a 25-year partnership with Stanford to conduct “research, teaching, and outreach” as part of the program.

Do you think it is a coincidence that the first big study to undermine the benefits of organics has links to Cargill?

We need to tell Cargill: ENOUGH. Corporate money should not sway science.

Whether it be for elections or our research institutions, corporate money comes with an expectation of influence. When a company like Cargill donates millions of dollars—it is likely expecting something in return.

It’s time to get Cargill out of our food supply. A big part of that is getting the company to stop influencing crucial food research for its own agenda.

Sign our petition TODAY to protect our food supply and tell Cargill that you want corporate influence out of science and research.

This story has blown up on the blogosphere, but Cargill is counting on this PR disaster blowing over. We think this is a crucial part of the Stanford study that needs to be told, and we need your help to do that.

Please sign the petition to let Cargill know that you want its influence out of our food supply. After you sign, please take a moment to share this petition with your friends and family. It will take all of us to counter Cargill’s heavy weight.

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