Tea Party Governor: Obama Hates White People

A tea party governor is under fire for allegedly telling a group of Republicans that President Obama "hates white people."

Maine governor Paul LePage was speaking at a Maine Republican Party fundraiser on Aug. 12. Two Republican lawmakers in attendance told the Portland Press Herald that LePage said Obama could've been the best president ever if he has highlighted his biracial heritage, but that the President hasn't done so because he hates white people.

The remarks, if true, match nearly word for word with comments made by conservative radio host Glenn Beck on Fox News, which ultimately led to his firing from the network.

"Yeah, he said it," said one of the lawmakers. "It was one little thing from a speech, but I think most people there thought it was totally inappropriate."

After LePages alleged remarks were reported by the Portland Press Herald, Peter Steele, the governor's director of communications, issued a statement which said, “It seems farfetched for anyone, even a newspaper, to make an insinuation the governor is racist given his life history."

This isn't the first time LePage has been caught spewing inflammatory statements. He has compared the IRS to the Gestapo, threatened to blow up the offices of the Press Herald, and declined an invitation to an event hosted by the NAACP, saying to reporters, "Tell them to kiss my butt."

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