Tea Baggers Support Packing Heat in Church

Every since it's inception a few years ago those of us here at Hillbilly Report have been trying to point out just how extreme and idiotic the Tea-Bagger movement really is. These folks are so greedy, misinformed and ignorant nothing they do or believe should ever surprise us. However, never say never. It seems as if the Tea Party movement indeed has thrown us another curveball with a belief that can only make one scratch their head.
Most of us who go to church go there to worship God and enjoy the fellowship of others who have similar beliefs to our own. Even if we do not believe the same on all things, church is where we can feel as one. With all their ranting about God, you would believe that the Tea-Baggers would consider churches sacred institutions. Well, think again.

Now it appears as if a majority of Tea-Baggers believe our churches are a place to come and worship, gossip, and yes fill a bunch of socialist liberals with hot lead:

According to the Public Religion Research Institute poll, released Wednesday, 55 percent of respondents who identified themselves as tea party members supported allowing people to carry guns to church. This contrasted with 38 percent of Republicans, 17 percent of independents, and 9 percent of Democrats.


And of course as always these tea bag zealots are greatly at odds with what Americans as a whole believe their country should be:

According to the PRRI poll, overall roughly three-quarters of Americans oppose concealed carry of guns into various facilities, with 76 percent opposing them in worship facilities, 73 percent opposing them in government facilities, and 77 percent opposing them on college campuses.

Even the zealots in the modern Republican Party disagree with their most extreme members on this.

One thing I have always wondered. Just how in the hell some folks can mix God, guns and Corporate Welfare together in some sickening stew that allows people to be killed and Americans rights to be absolved.

So the next time you are in church you better keep your Progressive ideals to yourself. You never know when Jimmy Joe Jim Bob is going to pull his 9mm and teach you a lesson in Tea Party Americanism and Christiandom.

Somehow I do not believe this is what the forefathers envisioned with the second amendment.

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