CT Taxpayer Funds Flow to Out-of-State Companies for Gov Malloy's Education Reform

Thanks to Governor Malloy and Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor you can hear the wild cheering from the corporate education reform industry as millions of dollars in taxpayer funds continue to flow to out-of-state companies so that they can come here to tell Connecticut's teachers, administrators and public schools how to implement the Common Core and how to "improve."

A partial list of Malloy's Education Reform "winners" include:

LearnZillion Inc.
Cost to taxpayers:       $1,513,500

Task:  The Washington D.C. company is being paid $1.5 million by the Malloy administration to "Design and deliver professional learning for the implementation of the Common Core Standards (CCSS)."

BloomBloard Inc.
Cost to taxpayers:  $1,238,000

Task:  The California company was paid $1.2 million by the Malloy administration to provide "Strategic Initiatives Related to CT Educator Evaluation and Support system."  The contract, which was funneled through the Connecticut Association of Schools, was supposed to be completed in 2013.  It is unclear whether the contract was extended.

MassInsight Inc.
Cost to taxpayers: $1.8 million and growing

Task:  The Massachusetts company is being paid $1.8 million by the Malloy administration to "Develop the state's turnaround strategy and improve the most struggling schools."  The contract was supposed to end on January 31, 2014, but on the day AFTER the contract ended, it was officially extended for another year, while doubling in cost.

And meanwhile, as parents and teachers know, Connecticut's public schools are being turned into Common Core testing factories where the focus has now become preparing students for this inappropriate Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Test.

But the "less learning, more testing" mantra shouldn't come as a surprise since it was Governor Malloy himself who said that he didn't mind having teachers and schools teach to the test as long as test scores went up.


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