Failed GOP Candidate to Obama: Step Down or Face an 'Armed Rebellion'

(Image credit goes to Constantine Report)The word “treason” gets thrown around a lot these days, but in this case the shoe absolutely fits.

Tom Tancredo, a former Colorado Congressman and recent Gubernatorial primary loser, has become increasingly vocal about the idea that if Obama isn’t impeached, or better yet, steps down willingly, there will be an armed rebellion in the United States which forces him to do so.

Concern-troll Tancredo doesn’t want to see violence, so he is kindly asking the president to consider taking the first option. In other words: blackmailing the freely elected President of the United States by threatening violence against him and his administration. In other-other words: treason.

Right Wing Watch captured Tancredo’s latest rant against Obama, whom he believes is a tyrant because of things like Obamacare and immigration reform. The former politician told Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association that it is imperative that the Republican party go through with impeaching Obama because it’s the only way to get rid of him “short of armed rebellion that everybody constantly – you know, a lot of people, I guess I should say, think to themselves is either coming or a potential – and God knows that’s not something we want to see.”

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Maybe Tancredo is firing up the Tea Party gang to vote for a write-in on Tancredo, maybe? Maybe kissing up to the RMGO folks?

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