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The GOP Is Officially a Third Party

If one political party's standard-bearer for president wrote off half of the electorate as people who would never vote for them, and had a message that only appealed to and was catered specifically toward only 1 percent of the voting public, why should anyone take that party or that candidate seriously enough for them to have a shot at winning?
For those still convinced that the GOP should still be a major party, Romney's gaffes notwithstanding, take a look at how the Republicans in the House of Representatives have voted over the last few years, particularly for the budgets they've proposed and endorsed. While they have no problem voting down tax cuts for middle class households (those making less than $250,000 a year), Republicans have steadfastly endorsed cutting taxes for the top 1 percent to even lower levels in their official budget proposal. That same budget makes the bulk of its cuts from social programs that are primarily there to benefit the middle class and the poor. The House Republican budget even makes part of its $4 trillion in cuts by ending federal funding for school lunch programs, meaning 280,000 poor kids would have less to eat, all so millionaires can have even bigger tax cuts.
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