NJ Sen President Sweeney, Not Gov Christie, Was Right About State's Stifled Pension Contributions

While rotund fiscal acrobat and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continues to claim the Republican mantra of slashing public employee benefits to prevent taxes on the wealthy – they're JOB-CREATORS, you guise! – Senate President Stephen Sweeney's wild theory that an employer (the State of N.J.) should maybe pay their bills (pension contributions) keeps paying dividends in the actual real world.

As reported by NorthJersey.Com, New Jersey's investments on larger-sum payments made by the state government contribute to much higher rates of return in the market, to the tune of $80 billion.

Christie, who cut June's payment to the pension fund nearly in half last month to "prevent tax hikes" noted that his smaller payments have made his own projections fall short (which, they would), thus proving that he "promised too much."


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