Sweeney Blasts Coulter: "You should be ashamed of yourself"

When you can't win on the merits, use ridiculous language to distract and that's what Ann Coulter did last night, taking to twitter and calling the President "the retard." Senate President Sweeney has a daughter with special needs and was not pleased at all with her choice of attack:

"It really does not get any more despicable than this.  I honestly don't know if there is another person on this planet as shameless as Ann Coulter.  She has no morals, no boundaries, and no sense of common decency.

"Her thoughtless remarks are meant to provoke and draw attention to whatever latest nonsensical ultra conservative rant she is peddling.  I really have no words to describe her other than just a horrible person.  I guess going after 9-11 widows was not enough for her.  She now has to attack people with disabilities too.

"This is not only insulting to millions of people across the country, but to me, it is personal.  I have worked hard to scrub that word from our vocabulary forever, and with good reason: words matter.  If Ann Coulter wants to get out from behind Twitter and have a face to face discussion with me on why she wishes to insult my daughter and the millions of people with developmental disabilities in this country, I will have it anytime, anywhere, any place."

Sweeney noted that the "R" word was removed from state laws and regulations in 2010. But it wasn't just Sweeney critical of Coulter, Michelle Malkin condemned her remarks as well:

"What a stupid, shallow thing to say, Ann,"

Didn't think the day would come where I'd agree with Michelle Malkin. Next, Sarah Palin will be condeming her comments too, because you know how consistent she is.

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