Supporting veteran homes?!?!!!

I just got a survey, paid for with taxpayer money, from by Republican State Representative, Denny Hoskins (R-121).

It touches all of the red meat issues of the Republicans: Right-to-work, teacher tenure, teacher pay based on merit, making sure unions don't spend dues on political issues, etc.

The only question about taxes is for roads.

However, the issue that is most interesting is the question about increasing funding for veteran homes.
As WE ALL KNOW, we must honor our veterans.  The survey notes that funding for veteran homes are such that, if we don't increase funding, one of the homes might close.

I'm asked whether we should institute a lottery dedicated to supporting veteran homes.

All I can say is "wow"!

It is sooooooooooo important to show how grateful we are for veterans that we are going to fund them by proceeds from gambling. I wonder why Hoskins didn't suggest a dedicated bake sale.

Oh, did I mention there was no question about increasing the cigarette tax, establishing a tax on internet saies, or any other general revenue tax (except for roads)?    

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