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  • SEIU endorse Chris Donovan for Congress (PRESS RELEASE).

    The Service Employees International Union Connecticut State Council, along with the SEIU affiliated locals the Connecticut State Employees Association, the New England Health Care Employees Union District 1199ne, SEIU Local 32BJ, the Connecticut Employees Union Independent, the Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges, and the National Association of Government Employees, today announced their endorsement of Chris Donovan for the Fifth Congressional District seat. Comprised of the six affiliated local unions, the SEIU State Council represents more than 65,000 members and retirees in Connecticut.

    "CSEA members endorsed Chris Donovan for Congress because he is the best candidate for the job. In fact, without Chris the reality of the lives of working men and women in Connecticut would be much different. And, thanks to his leadership in the State House, public employees in Connecticut are treated with a level of dignity and respect not seen in most other states," said Patrice Peterson, President of CSEA/SEIU Local 2001. "Chris Donovan has been a loud, proud, and bold voice for working men and women. We need that voice in Washington."

    "Chris Donovan has always fought for working people and we will fight for him," said Ron McLellan, President of CEUI.

    "Our strong endorsement is based on Chris Donovan's outstanding record and unwavering commitment to all workers, whether or not they are members of a union," said David Pickus, President of the New England Health Care Employees Union District 1199ne, and President of the SEIU State Council. "No one has done more to raise families out of poverty, to ensure fairness for all, or to protect the rights of every individual than Chris - whether it's fighting to raise the minimum wage or to ensure that everyone has health care. He's the right leader to represent the working families of the 5th Congressional District."

  • REGISTER: "Susan Bysiewicz, Chris Murphy mix picnic, politics at New Haven event"
  • The Cool Justice Report blogger Andy Thibault files a FOIA complaint against the city of Waterbury over the city's failure to release John Rowland records.
    The New Haven Register and Register Citizen filed a complaint with the State Freedom of Information Commission Friday afternoon over the city of Waterbury's refusal to release documents related to former Gov. John Rowland's work as a taxpayer-funded economic development coordinator.

    The city argues that the public does not have the right to see emails, letters, work schedules and expense reports related to Rowland's $100,000-a-year job because Rowland was technically an employee of the Waterbury Regional Chamber of Commerce, not the city, even though city taxpayers were funding the position.

    The only thing the city provided in response to a wide-ranging June 12 Freedom of Information Act request related to Rowland's work with the city was a package of simple invoices from the chamber.


    Andy Thibault, a contributing editor with the New Haven Register and Register Citizen, filed a complaint over the city's rationale in shielding information from the public via its arrangement with the chamber. He is also seeking to clarify his request, regardless of that aspect of the FOIA request denial, to insist that any email or other correspondence between Rowland and a Waterbury city employee or city official be produced. Otherwise, the city is claiming that in the entire time that Rowland worked for the chamber coordinating economic development issues for Waterbury, he never communicated with the mayor, city planner or other officials about anything via email or letter.


    Thibault's June 12 request sought documents including "emails, expense reports and documentation, payroll records, weekly time sheets, job description, contract, memos, reports, proposals, phone and meeting logs and notifications of other employment, including Apple Rehab."

    In the complaint Thibault filed Friday afternoon, he said that Daly told him on June 18 that "The Chamber has all the records you asked for."

    "The city has a duty to get the public records cited," Thibault said in his complaint. "The city has no right under the law to give these records away. The city cannot contract away the public's right to know."

  • No veto session...
    Lawmakers from both parties started to get word last night that it won't be necessary to clear their schedules for a Monday veto session.

    The June 25 date was reserved for the legislature to attempt to override any of the eight bills Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy vetoed over the past few months.

    But for the second year in a row, the Democrat-controlled General Assembly has decided against challenging the first Democratic governor in 20 years.

    Some members were upset over Malloy's veto last week of the campaign finance reforms, but they admitted didn't have the two-thirds majority necessary to override it.

  • CT BLUE: Romney "a liar for the ages"
  • CTNJ:"Courtney, Prague Seek To Incentivize Long-Term Care Insurance
    With 80 million baby boomers set to retire over the next few decades, U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney and state Sen. Edith Prague are backing a bill that would incentivize the purchase of long-term care insurance.

    The two held a press conference Friday to discuss a bill Courtney has proposed that would establish a tax deduction for long-term care premiums. If passed, the tax credit would cover 25 percent of the premiums in 2013, 35 percent in 2014, 65 percent in 2015, and 100 percent in the years after.

    "This is going to encourage people to buy long-term care insurance," said Prague, who has pushed for similar proposals at the state level. "I mean the premiums are very costly."

    The bill would also provide an income tax credit for long-term care providers, which would be based on how many individuals the for which the provider is caring.

  • PELTO: It's called abuse of power
    Tomorrow night, Bridgeport's illegally appointed Board of Education will vote to extend the contract for Paul Vallas, Bridgeport's $229,000, part-time, interim Superintendent of Schools.

    Vallas' contract presently runs through December 2012.  He has said that he is willing to stay through June 2013, but the people appointed by the Malloy Administration to oversee Bridgeport's schools want him to stay until June 2014.

    Connecticut's Supreme Court has ruled that it was illegal for Governor Malloy's Administration take over Bridgeport's schools and appoint this group of people to run the school system.  However, since it takes time to hold an election, the Supreme Court said that this illegally appointed board could in place until a democratically elected school board was re-seated.

    Bridgeport will have a democratically elected board of education in less than 90 days.

    The decision about Vallas' contract can wait 90 days.

    In fact, it is a complete and utter abuse of power for the illegally appointed board to extend Paul Vallas' contract since the democratically elected board will have plenty of time to consider the issue before his contract runs out in December.

    So why rush to lock Vallas' extended contract into place?

    The illegally appointed board is rushing because they are afraid that a board of education, elected by the people of Bridgeport, might decide not to extend Vallas' contract.

    They are so afraid of democracy that they are rushing to sign a long-term, $500,000 plus, contract will Vallas.  With a signed contract, they believe that a democratically elected school board will be less likely to explore hiring someone else since it would have to buy out this new contract, costing taxpayers half a million or more.  This issue comes on top of the problem that taxpayers are already paying over $225,000 to buy out the contract of the former superintendent that this same, illegally appointed board, fired a few months ago.

    But stop... Really stop... And think about the motivation behind this incredible abuse of power.

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