Condemned Garage Housed Staffers, Volunteers for TX GOP Rep Steve Stockman

East Texas's leading embarrassment and House Representative Steve Stockman will have to relocate his campaign office after city officials and the fire marshall shut down the former motorcycle shop where workers and volunteers have apparently been sleeping since early 2012.

From the Houston Chronicle:

The headquarters had been housed since early 2012 in a former motorcycle shop along the Gulf Freeway. Campaign staffers and volunteers had been both working and sleeping there, even though the commercial building was considered unsafe for human habitation, according to Webster city records and an interview with assistant fire marshal Warren Chappell.

Officials found 14 fire code violations and ordered the office closed and its electricity shut off on Nov. 7, fire department records show. No one had obtained the necessary permit for the campaign to legally occupy the pale yellow two-story metal building along a feeder road on the freeway, wedged between a spa dealership and a strip mall, building department records show.

It appears volunteers for the campaign have been sleeping in the motorcycle shop since early 2012, including out-of-state volunteers who came to help elect Stockman (making Louie Gohmert the second-most-crazy member of the Texas Congressional delegation).

However, the structure in which six to eight workers were apparently living is no laughing matter. Inspectors said the building lacked smoke detectors and fire protection, and had faulty wiring, electrical hazards, no exit signs, and combustible Stockman campaign material. 

Stockman isn't just housing staff and volunteers in an unsafe structure: he's also in violation of a host of FEC rules. Stockman fired his treasurer, Jason Posey, and to date has not replaced him. In the meantime, Stockman continues fundraising, including holding a $1000-a-plate breakfast with Eric Cantor. Stockman still owes $100,000 from his past electoral cycle.

Ironically, Stockman sponsored the Federal Correctional Workers Safety Act of 2013 in the current session of Congress. Federal correctional workers be warned: Stockman's idea of worker safety may consist of your sleeping in a fire hazard in return for no pay.  

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