Steve Obsitnik refuses to address whether he supports Social Security voucher proposal

Since entering the race for Congress, the most repeated criticism regarding Steve Obsitnik centers on the 4th CD Republican candidate's inability to provide specifics on his stance on important issues being talked about in his district.

Since I read and viewed numerous criticisms on Obsitnik failure to provide details on how he would address concerns in the district, when I learned that Jim Himes opponent was going to be a guest on a far-right local access show in my area, I wanted to see if the criticisms against him were accurate.

After contacting the show's host and request that John Hartwell as a member of the Q&A panel, I decided to sit back and see if anyone could get Obsitnik to answer a simple question: whether he supports a voucher system for Social Security.

...for ten minutes Obsitnik failed to answer the question.

I apologize that the following videoclip is a bit long but I feel that it's important to show Obsitnik's evasiveness as it happened on the makes me wonder why this person is running for Congress in the first place.

Trust me, this is must see TV.

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