Statement of ACLU-NJ Acting Director Ed Barocas

For more on what ACLU-NJ was doing in court today, see this diary.

Posted by ACLU-NJ on Facebook:

Statement from ACLU-NJ Acting Executive Director Ed Barocas on the Essex County Superior Court decision not to allow federal absentee ballots for New Jersey voters displaced by Hurricane Sandy:


"We are disappointed that the judge denied our petition. Although we understand these are unusual circumstances that the Lieutenant Governor and the Division of Elections are dealing with, our concern was with how it was being implemented at the county level. Because of the large volume of complaints from voters who were not getting a response to their email or fax requests for ballots, we would've liked to have another method that provided more assurance that the votes of displaced New Jersey residents would be counted.

The remedy that we offered was one that is familiar to New Jersey elections officials and that can be used by overseas residents and members of our military who are serving overseas."

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