STATE REP 5: McGhee files complaint

The drama surrounding the primary race in the State House seat in the fifth district continues.

One week after a recount of votes cast in the August 14 Democratic primary for state representative in the fifth assembly district (Windsor, Hartford), candidate Brandon McGee has filed a complaint in superior court.

According to McGee, the complaint filed alleges the election's outcome was affected by improper actions on behalf of elections staff in both Windsor and Hartford.

Following a recanvass of votes cast in both towns, Windsor's Leo Canty was declared the primary's winner, beating McGee by just one vote. Windsor Mayor Don Trinks finished in third place.

According to a statement released by McGee, the complaint filed in court alleges election officials:

  • "improperly allowed absentee ballots to be counted that were not counted by tabulation on primary Election Day or during the recanvass;
  • "improperly allowed absentee ballots to comingle, allowing for an improper count;
  • "and lost a ballot that was cast in McGee's favor in Windsor's John F. Kennedy voting district."

The complaint says the actions specified are in violation of state statues, and requests a court hearing be held.

While alleging improper actions were taken by election officials, McGee was explicit in saying, "...nowhere in this action is my campaign alleging any wrongdoing by either Mr. Canty or Mayor Trinks."

"I want to ensure that those who exercised their right were not deprived of their voice, and that the will of the people is ascertained without question of process," he added.

Stay tuned...

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