NJ Files Appeal with Supreme Court to Legalize Sports Gambling

Back a billion years ago in the 1970s New Jersey was in a financial crisis and decided one of the best ways out was to authorize gambling in Atlantic City and a state lottery.  

Still, the state wound up in a financial crisis again and again.

So last fall they started allowing online gambling which is generating millions.

Still, financial crisis.

And since all that gambling hasn't amounted to much help we have a lawsuit on sports betting heading to the Supreme Court:

The state of New Jersey has filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court in a last-ditch effort to legalize sports betting at the state's casinos and horse racing tracks.

The appeal was filed last Wednesday on behalf of Gov. Chris Christie and the state Legislature, state Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union), one of the law's chief sponsors, said.

Senator Lesniak is a good liberal who fought for marriage equality, defends children in more ways than I can count, works hard to end the death penalty, supports significant gun control regulations, raising the minimum wage, etc. However, he has a bug in his craw about gambling, hoping to bring casino gambling to the Meadowlands and sports gambling to the state.  

Full disclosure: I buy lottery tickets, but only one at a time since I understand statistics. One is enough to get the thrill of a dream, and odds don't improve until you spend thousands and, even then, are quite long.

I also play blackjack and poker in Atlantic City when I'm down there, which isn't often.  

But what the reliance on gambling for state revenue amounts to is a tax on the stupid. People who don't have the money to gamble spend food money hoping to make it rich, all so that a few pennies of their lottery ticket or slot losses will go to schools.

It would be nice if we spent more time worrying about jobs and expanding opportunity for New Jersey residents. More jobs at higher pay would mean more income taxes collected and less need for taxing the stupid.

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